I am a television and film editor/ assistant editor and long-form story-telling is my passion.  My job is to help bring stories to life on screen.  It’s not just what-I-do-for-work.  I create human emotion for a living.  As an editor it is my responsibility to engage the viewer in every moment from start to finish.

I recently transitioned to scripted TV as an assistant editor under Zack Arnold, A.C.E., for Season 2 of the hit show Cobra Kai to pursue my passion for editing scripted content.

I am excellent at collaborating and more importantly establishing trust, because working with people is one of the most satisfying facets of my career.

I specialize in drama because I love exploring human motivation at its core and throughout every complex layer. Story shows us why people do something, or do not. And getting the story right is all about nailing the emotion.

When I am not editing, I am playing with my two kids, or I am cooking dinner with my wife, or I am attempting to complete one of the 7,942 daily tasks required to exist as both a professional and a parent in 21st century Los Angeles.

Here are my IMDB credits.